A note from our CEO,

I wanted to talk about our unique partnership Avatara, creators of CompleteCloud, CompleteCloud Legal, CompleteCloud AEC, CAD in the Cloud and AvataraDoD.

Nine years ago, while working as a Director of Solutions for a technology company in Lansing, Michigan, I was introduced to Avatara and their CompleteCloud platform for the first time.

Having worked for years with small and medium sized businesses leaders, I would listen to them talk about their businesses needs and wants from a technology standpoint in regards to the infrastructure running their business, the platform their employees work on every day and what their customers experienced interacting with their employees and technology.  I knew that 99% of the IT providers, in any market, couldn’t deliver the truly complete solution they needed.  The company I worked for and its competitors could never provide a complete solutions, we could do 60% of what a business needed and we could piece together other things and that business would run, but the clients business could never truly reach its potential because it was being held back by its technology. Businesses started transforming and evolving, becoming more and more reliant on technology and what they really needed was an enterprise solution, they needed the technology the big boys were using but it was impossible to offer those solutions for a business with 20, 100, 500 or even 1000 employees for less than 7 figures. I thought there had to be a better way, there was…

Learning about CompleteCloud and the innovative and remarkable team of technology visionaries at Avatara for me was literally one of those aha moments.  Sitting in that first meeting, I knew CompleteCloud was going to change how businesses engage with their IT.

I brought this unique opportunity to the owner of the company I worked for at time, this model unfortunately wasn’t what he was looking for, he couldn’t see the vision and couldn’t go all in, a year later I moved on looking for a more forward thinking organization.  At my new company I was part of a leadership team and one of my responsibilities was to transition that 25 year old IT company from a very old model of IT that was focused on selling and fixing IT hardware to more of a solutions and managed services based approach where the hardware wasn’t as important as the software solution that did what the customer needed.  I thought to myself, this is perfect, CompleteCloud and Avatara are the perfect partners, everything was there we just needed to change.  Unfortunately as we all know change is not easy, if a company is not run by a forward thinker, a visionary change is impossible.

I knew Avatara, their CompleteCloud, CAD in the Cloud and Avatara DoD was what I needed to be offering the business leaders I had developed relationships with for the last 20 years and the new ones I would meet.  I wanted to truly have an impact on their business and help them move to the next level, so I started Casium Technologies to do just that, I went all in.  I have built this entire business on my relationship offering Avatara’s solutions.  We do offer complementary products like print, phone, scanning and paperless technology but make no mistake we are a company built to offer CompleteCloud and Avatara’s other services first, here in Michigan and across the country.

Hopefully from this information you can tell I have a passion for our partnership with Avatara and their products but I have a stronger passion for helping businesses succeed.  I hope if you have taken the time to read my note, you will take the time to learn more about how these products will help your business reach new levels of productivity, efficiency, security and reliability you may have never seen before.  It will be worth your time.

All the Best.