The CompleteCloud Platform is a blueprint for strategic IT.

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Commercial Real Estate Case Study

Business Drivers

  • With over 30 years of experience, this commercial real estate group is the largest firm in their field within the country.
  • Various pains began to emerge from the rapid growth of the company growing to 20 locations from New York to Southern California. They began to outgrow their current IT provider of over 10 years.
  • They had over 200 users and a home-grown GIS platform using Citrix, which was both costly and hard to scale.


  • CompleteCloud offered the scalability and versatility that the group’s complex infrastructure needed. As they continue to grow and expand, new users and servers are easily added without continually having to purchase new hardware and software.
  • CompleteCloud’s multi-site CAD environment replaced their GIS Citrix system and increased the performance capabilities and mobility of their users.

Current State

  • CompleteCloud was able to provide another level of technical support and VCIO that the group was lacking with their previous provider.
  • Now all 20 sites, from a network perspective, function as 1 LAN environment; making 20 offices feel like a single office.
  • Centralized network shares allowed for better flexibility working in the field and for agents having to travel to various locations across the country.

If You Feel Like Your IT is More of a Liability than an Asset

It’s Time to Get Smart About IT.